Soulucien dropped his first single “Too Long, Vacant” from his upcoming album releasing in Feb 2021. A music video released on YouTube this weekend with vintage feels and sets the mood for his next project. This independent Soundcloud artist has evolved in his music over the years and is currently streaming on all platforms!

“Too Long, Vacant” is a song about changes and heartbreak, Soulucien dives into relationship experiences we all know too well- Call Adele and Drake, someone’s about to take their spotlight!

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There was a time when I didn’t value myself or love myself. Changing for the better, for me, “took too long” in a sense. This song represents change, and your capacity to handle/accept when someone or something is changing. Sometimes, love can change us for the better or worse, it’s about being flexible but always staying true to yourself.


Soulucien is an independent artist from Ohio with an honest intent to make the world a better place. He uses his feelings and his past to voice a message to his fans about persevering through the hard shit. His style of music is influenced by artists like XXXtentacion, Juice WRLD, and others.

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“You really took too long to hear my heart complaining | I guess I took too long and now you can’t be patient | really took too long what we look like waiting? | Really took too long and now our love is vacant”

I hope people listen to my music and can be honest with their relationships. If they’re happy with their relationships and if they aren’t, but love for the right reasons, and change for the right reasons.

The song is out on all platforms now.