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Playground for creative people.

USIC and our affiliates are focused on one thing–creating a community of connectivity and collaboration by making it easier for artists to “tap in” to the new music industry. 

Our Services

Brand Strategy

"Know yourself, know your worth." Artists like Drake understand the power of branding. We can help you establish an authentic brand that transcends music.


Crossing your T's and dotting your I's so that all the revenues generated by your music is directed back to you.

Audio/ Visual Production

With 3 professional recording studios in the U.S and growing, we're dedicated to serving artists everywhere.

Project Management

The release of a project whether it's a full album or just a single is a lot to manage. We can help lighten the load.


Our exclusive events and private parties are full of surprises from industry insiders, guest performers, great music, and more.

Marketing & Promotion

You've made all this great music, now what?! Well that's the easy part (relatively speaking of course). Now it's time to get it into everybody's ears.


1 Single
$ 2500
  • Distribution
  • Release Strategy
  • Digital Marketing


Full Release
$ 5000
  • Distribution
  • Digital Marketing
  • Release Strategy
  • Press Placement


Full Release w/ Blue Check
$ 15,000
  • Distribution
  • Digital Marketing
  • Release Strategy
  • Press Placement
  • 10% Increase in Followers
  • Blue Check on IG
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