From The Midwest to Miami, up to Atlanta and New York, Rico Music has built relationships and acquired a reputation that’s solid among music industry professionals. He’s a Hip-Hop and R&B recording artist whose talents have landed him in the same rooms and on TMZ alongside artists like; Drake, Mac Miller (RIP), Snootie Wild, and others.

[Drake] told me, “Stay consistent with your music, man- when we get in the studio, it’ll be something.” I take that with me because Drake is one of my mfn idols. I know there’s going to be a day where I’ll have to look bruh in the eye and say ‘Look, I know this song is about to go crazy but it’s either you or me that’s going to have the weakest verse, and I ain’t goin!’

Rico Music

His music relies heavily on acoustic guitar, the piano, and melodies supporting lyrics about the come-up, love, and trust- a style most relatable to artists like Yung Bleu and Rod Wave. During 2020, Rico Music sharpened his craft and added a team of people to assist with releasing his newest music more consistently. For the remainder of the year, you can catch Rico Music dropping new hits just about every other week.

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Growing up on the north side of Columbus, OH with his mom and baby sister, Rico Music played football before he started making music. After school, Rico joined other artists at 1339 Manchester a team they called GMC Music Group, and grounded himself in creating his sound. Eventually, he began engineering for Le’Veon Bell, friend and current Running Back for the Kansas City Chiefs.

In a recent interview with This Only Happens In Ohio, Rico Music admits the hardest part about being an artist is consistency and staying confident in who you are as an artist- especially an independent artist.

It’s ok for me to be independent and not chase these record labels…You have to acquire mental wealth because the more you know the more you get paid… Everybody needs a team, and ever since I got to building with mine shit’s been rolling, for real. It’s been giving me new insight and a better perspective on who I am as an artist, and all that correlates to success. I’m meeting these stars but I’m a star too so I have to maintain that mindset in order for me to get to where I need to get to.

Rico Music

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RICO MUSIC at Royale Cigar Lounge

In October 2020 Rico Music dropped his latest album Pictures With Words. He’s in love with creating art whether it’s music or drawing pictures. Right now, you’ll notice handmade drawings done by the artist himself used as his cover photos for the album and his most recent releases. The art community is a huge part of Rico’s life and his passion to share that with everyone will carry him far.

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Latest Releases

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From his latest album Pictures With Words