October Jonez released his first album of 2020 Stay Ready, a project featuring a few independent emcees from the Midwest. The album follows a series of singles and visuals October Jonez has released and promoted all summer.

Stay Ready introduces the sound October Jonez has been working on this year. With 100% creative control, the “Who October” rapper includes artists like Loco Prater, Flentstone P.O.P., and Kixn Boyz featuring producer Sol. The vibe October Jonez creates in this album resembles Rap music’s Gucci Mane, and makes sense as this independent artist has worked alongside Gucci’s best producer to master some of his own productions.

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“Reality rap, that’s how I describe my music. I grew up on Gucci and I’m very direct, the music I make is real. I have The Kixn Boyz on the album and the two of them together man, they are fire!”

October Jonez
October Jonez

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Stay Ready is comprised of some of the best beats and hooks releasing out of the Midwest right now. This album was created in October Jonez‘s own studio on the east side of Columbus. “Who October” is gaining the most traction from the album. Definitely make note of “Good Fellas,” “My Last Apology,” and “Live This Shxi 4real.”

“The song “Entanglement” is one of my favorites, this is the one that women love. In reality, though, this happened to me but I had the song made already when the Jada and August situation came up. I was like ‘what the heck is an entanglement!’ but the word fit the situation perfectly and that’s why I named it that.”

October Jonez
October Jonez

This album is sure to be a hit and proves to be as October Jonez has noticed increased engagement and streams this month. As an upcoming artist during the pandemic, this rapper from Ohio figured out that the key in these times is to be consistent on releases and not holding back.

With another single underway to follow up this album, October Jonez says “Stay Dangerous” will preview the deluxe sequel to this album and will release on October 31, 2020.

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As suave as a rapper of his caliber can be, October Jonez is one of few artists who takes the time to understand the ins and outs of this music industry. He understands his audience and can appeal to their interests in his music.

Stay Ready is an album for the woman who values being in a relationship and for the man that hustles and wants more than a 9-5.

The album is out everywhere you stream music.

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“Entanglement” single off the album Stay Ready