As the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the uproar of racial injustice continue to spill into the operations of record labels, venues, booking agencies, and other companies in the music industry, USIC BRANDS is dedicated to teaching you how to market your music during this time.

Live music and entertainment concerts, even live sporting events, have begun coming to our screens in more simple, intimate, and authentic ways. When Instagram first launched IGTV in 2018, they had the hardest time getting people to fall in love with the idea of it. By the time COVID19 landed in the United States, IGTV has been downloaded one million times a week giving way for artists to go deeper with their audience by sharing longer videos related to their businesses or community interests.

Last week, celebrity comedian Dave Chappell utilized reactive marketing to reel in viewers as he hosted a live show outside at the park in Dayton, OH. He spent 25 minutes commentating on issues surrounding Black Lives Matter protests surged by the death of George Floyd. Chappell’s showcase allowed only a small crowd to join, socially distant on the lawn while wearing masks hoping to prevent the spread of COVID19 to others in attendance. The premier was brought to IGTV and raked in more than 400,000 views in 4 days.

We know it’s been hard lately to make a decent living as an independent artist, below are some marketing tips NOT to avoid during this pandemic.

Don’t Avoid These Marketing Tips

Reactive Marketing

Ultimately, this strategy serves with the intention to appeal to your audience’s current interests by tailoring your content to fit conversation topics of the day. With social media’s ever-growing popularity reactive marketing engages your audience to express their thoughts and feelings. An example in 2020 would be creating songs or visual content centered around the current issues in the world concerning Black Lives Matter and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Video Marketing

80% of the content you find online is visual so use this to your advantage! Between platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and IGTV be consistent with giving your audience the opportunity to get in on behind the scenes action or your everyday life. Also, the quality of your production matters, but don’t be afraid of recording videos on your iPhone, everyone loves a come-up story.

Mobile Music Marketing

Everyone has a phone. This is an opportunity for you to build a relationship with your audience. Don’t be afraid to be active on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter (for all you IG lovers). Word of mouth goes a long way in this industry. START POSTING! NOW! GO!


Yes some of us are getting older and find this app a bit useless- but in all reality, it’s a game-changer for your brand. These influencers entertain millions of people daily and let’s be honest, we’ve tried it and found ourselves stuck for hours just scrolling to the next video. Utilizing this strategy is an incredible opportunity for you to work together with influencers from everywhere that will use your new music on their next video!

Streaming Music

Last but not least, make your music available on all platforms. Seriously.